Hire an Aggressive Listing Agent

You want a listing agent that knows your market and knows the potential buyers for your home.  An aggressive listing agent won’t just sit back and wait for the buyer to show up, they will use modern marketing techniques along with some old school stuff to get the best price possible.  Ask your Agent to provide a specific marketing plan for your home.

Offer Buyer Incentives

Buyers are looking for deals and home runs.  If you are offering to include the appliances, pay for a portion of their closing costs, or offer an upgrade allowance, your home will quickly move to the top of their list.Cash-pic3


Get Professional Staging and Curb Appeal Advice

The first impression in real estate is the most important.  Your agent can offer some great tips and advice, but you might want to take it to the next level and hire a professional stager.  This will ensure that your listing photos and online presentation will have buyers lining up to view your home, and when they walk in, they won’t be disappointed.

Get a Pre-inspection

Knowing all of the defects before you put it on the market can help you determine your list price and can strengthen your negotiating position if your home is in great shape.  But beware, a home with a lot of problems that you aren’t willing to fix can be a turn off to buyers.

Request Feedback

Your Agent should be very aggressive with requesting showing feedback from your buyer prospects.  This will help you address any negatives so that it won’t be a problem for future showings.

Offer a Bonus To Selling Agents

The Agent that represents the buyer is commonly called the Selling Agent.  In neighborhoods with a lot of competition and inventory, a small bonus may encourage Agents to show your home over others and this may encourage them to sell it to their client more aggressively.

Price Your Home Aggressively

Pricing your home right the first time is a big deal.  An overpriced home will be a turn off to buyers and may limit the number of showings.  You don’t want to leave any money on the table and you don’t want your home to sit on the market.  Your Agent should be able to provide a professional opinion and may offer to show you some of the comparable active listings prior to setting a list price.

Use Price Points

Buyers don’t tell their Agents that they want to pay an exact dollar amount for their home purchase.  They use price ranges like $400k-$450k.  Your Agent should be familiar with the common price ranges used in the top online search engines and may advice your to list your home for $399k instead of $405k.