Ralph Bivens of CultureMap.com, a Houston-centric digital lifestyle magazine , reports on the New American Home built for this year’s International Builder’s Show in Orlando.  The New American Home is constructed to showcase design and construction trends in home building (here’s some pictures).  Bivens highlights the Master Bedroom Hub as a concept that might find some immediate popularity.  Here’s an excerpt:

The New American Home highlights an interesting design idea for luxury builders — the master bedroom hub. The central hub room is a private, windowless octagon-shaped room with comfortable seating, a fireplace and a television. Spinning off from the hub are the three “spokes” of the master suite — a gigantic walk-in closet; a large bathroom with dual showers, spa tub and a urinal; and the bedroom. The master bedroom has no television — it’s a peaceful place devoted to sleep and rest.

I really like natural light, so I’m a little skeptical about a windowless room for relaxation.  However, I do like the urinal idea.  What man doesn’t?

What do you think?  What’s in your “house of the future”? Artificial turf lawns? Tweeting refrigerators?

Rendering by RM Design

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