Below you will find the most recent data on home sales and prices for the Greater Houston Heights area of Houston, Texas, which includes great neighborhoods such as Houston Heights, Woodland Heights, Norhill Heights, Sunset Heights, Brookesmith, and Shady Acres.  This great neighborhood is the ultimate combination of hip culture and family-oriented, kid-friendly atmosphere.  If you are interested in receiving monthly Houston and Greater Heights real estate news updates, then sign up for our RSS feed to receive instant updates. For more information about Greater Heights and to view past market updates, check out our Greater Heights neighborhood page.  Or email us at [email protected].

Sales Activity

With only 48 homes sold in January, Houston Heights was a little down from the 98 homes sold in December. That being said, homes continued to sell at a pretty good clip.  Half of all homes sold in January were under contract in less than 17 days. That’s even faster than the 28 day mark set in December. The Heights continues to be one of the strongest real estate markets in Houston.  Great new retail, low interest rates, and a strong Houston economy continue to serve the home sellers and buyers  in this area well.

Active Listings

With 251 listings currently active in the Heights, inventory levels stand at less than 2 and a half months of inventory. Of those listings, 86 are new in January and only 18 made a price reduction.

Home Prices

Prices have risen 4% from the 12 month period preceding January 2012 to the same period ending January 2013. If inventory levels remain low, we could have another good year for the Heights, as low inventory levels then to lead to higher prices.Tulane2

Due to its affordability, location, and historic charm, Greater Heights is one of the most sought after communities in Houston. Most of the Heights was built in the early part of the 20th century. Although it is basically the center of town, back when it was developed it was known as the 1st suburb in Houston with trolley cars to downtown and ritzy boutiques along 19th street. The neighborhood went through some rough times in the 70s and 80s, but now it is one of the trendiest, family-oriented areas of town and the trendy boutiques and restaurants have returned to 19th Street and throughout the area.

The Houston Heights offers a diverse mix of old and new Victorian homes, early century craftsman homes, and newly constructed townhomes and modern developments. Subdivisions include some of the most sought after sections of Houston, including Houston Heights, Woodland Heights, Stude, Brooksmith, Sunset Heights, Shady Acres.