Ms. Smith had lived on Tannehill Dr in Timbergrove Manor since the home was built in 1964. Like many of the original home owners in the neighborhood, her home needed a little more maintenance than she was able to complete. She finally decided that it was time to sell her home and move closer to her family, but she didn’t know where to start. After 48 years in her home, she had accumulated a lot of stuff and her home needed a lot of TLC. The thought of selling her home and moving out was a little overwhelming. That’s when she decided that she needed some help. She called the Norhill Realty team and we developed and implemented a plan that helped her transition to her new home using the following simple steps. The steps don’t necessarily need to follow this order and can be tailored to fit your specific needs.Frontangle

Step 1: Determine the Value of Your Home

Knowing what the value of your home is integral in the decision process of selling your home. You aren’t going to sell something unless you know how much it is worth and this is paramount with what is often your largest asset. Your Norhill Realty Agent will access the latest market data for your neighborhood to develop a Comparative Market Analysis and we will give you a professional opinion supported by facts.

Step 2: Hire a Junk Removal Contractor

Now that you know how much your home is worth and you have made the decision to keep going, getting rid of some of the clutter is the next step.  A good rule of thumb when it comes to moving and packing is if you haven’t used a possession in the past year then it doesn’t have any value (sentimental or otherwise), it’s probably time to get rid of it. Your Norhill Realty agent can assist in locating the appropriate charity or junk removal contractor to help you get rid of your unneeded possessions.

Step 3: Hire a Moving Company

Once you have removed the junk, what’s left will need to be packed up and moved to your new home. There are a lot of moving companies in Houston, but you want to make sure that you hire one that you can trust to do a professional job. Norhill Realty has experience with several moving vendors and we can assist you in obtaining quotes and help coordinate the actual packing and moving.

Step 4: Professional Cleaning and Lawn Care

Preparing your home for the listing is next. This includes hiring a professional cleaning crew and landscaper to ensure your home shows well once it hits the market. Norhill Realty can help coordinate these vendors to ensure that the work is completed in a timely and professional manner.

Step 5: Professional Photography and Home Listing

Now that your home is ready to be listed, you want to make sure that it makes a great first impression. The majority of home buyers start their search online and a listing with great photography will stand out from the crowd. Norhill Realty hires a professional photographer for all of our listings and we utilize the latest technology, social media and old fashion marketing techniques to sell our listings quickly.

If you have any questions on how this Turnkey Listing Package can help you, give us a call. We’re ready to help.