Moving Inside the Loop

Nah. Probably not.  But moving Inside the Loop could make you happier. We recently ran across this article from Lifehacker. Dan Buettner, National Geographic fellow and author of Thrive: Finding Happiness the Blue Zones Way, has done some research, and apparently there are some sad suburbanites. In an interview with NPR, Buettner imparted:

When you look at Americans’ day-to-day activity … the top two things we hate the most on a day-to-day basis is, No. 1: housework and No. 2: the daily commute in our cars. In fact, if you can cut an hour long commute each way out of your life, it’s the [happiness] equivalent of making up an extra $40,000 a year if you’re at the $50- to $60,000 level. Huge … [So] it’s an easy way for us to get happier. Move closer to your place of work.

Now, that seems a little extreme. However, based on the research from other happiness eggheads, there appears to be something there. Find more information about how commuting makes you sad via this Lifehacker research and infographic.